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We Help You Supercharge Your Performance, Productivity and Profitability

We drive business results for our clients through three solution pillars:

  1. Data Intelligence and Transformation
  2. Pricing and Monetisation
  3. Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Our team of experts will bridge the data silos, excavate hidden pathways, identify incomplete datasets, reveal assumptions and anecdotes, and chart uncharted information. We analyse, build models, visualise patterns, identify exceptions, assumptions, and outliers.

We uncover new and unexpected insights to predict outcomes, monetise value and accelerate decision-making impact. Together, we provide you with the stepping stones and ongoing support to help you embed insights for greatest impact and sustain the competitive edge over the long term.

Trusted Expertise That Delivers Real-World Impact


Our cross-industry experience, combined with broad technical expertise and deep commercial acumen, unlocks rapid impact and growth for our esteemed clients.



We don’t just deliver projects; we deliver value through our product-centric and agile delivery model. Forget fancy slides or slick presentations – we focus on getting results through rapid solution development and capability building.


Pragmatic Action

We push boundaries with creative experimentation and solutions, always maintaining the balance between bold exploration, grounded realism and good old common sense.

Our Impact

We don't just implement solutions; we engineer transformations. We have a track record of success and have delivered tangible results for our clients, not just buzzwords. Our solutions have resulted in embedding data-driven thinking with significant ROI, from improved customer engagement and loyalty, to increased profits and improved productivity.

Not only that, we go beyond the delivery of models and analysis to help clients build the capabilities they need to sustain their performance advantage over the long term.


Average return on spend


Improvement in efficiency and productivity


Rapid discovery to value delivery

Our Mission

We are on a bold mission to empower our clients to drive impactful and lasting change. Our team of experts are dedicated and passionate about all things pricing, data and technology. We are united in our collective mission to help organisations redefine and reimagine the art and science of creating value and rapid impact from data.

Our Approach

At Trellisi, we take a bold and pragmatic approach - agile, technically fluent, experimental, and yet deeply commercial

With each client, project, and problem, no two approaches are the same. We are focused on delivering the highest value and impact, prioritising the best solution for each situation. We are not tied to one tool or vendor, but rather, like a trellis, we’re a trusted partner, providing the firm support you need to drive long-term success.

Our guiding principles are the foundation of all we do.

Join us in creating real-world impact and accelerating profitable growth.

Meet Our Experts

Our talented team is a POWERFUL MANIFESTO of experience and collaboration working together, like a trellis, to build confidence and trust, solve problems, ask hard questions, and create innovative solutions that go beyond cookie-cutter prescriptions.

Tunde Oloruntoba 1

Tunde Oloruntoba

Managing Director: Strategy and Analytics

Tunde is a strategy and analytics leader helping businesses to harness the transformative power of data intelligence, pricing and advanced analytics to drive performance and profitable growth.

Zoltan Fodroczi Phd 1

Zoltan Fodroczi PhD

Lead Advisor: Machine Learning and Data Science

Zoltan is a self-confessed data geek and a machine learning expert with extensive experience in designing, deploying and managing large-scale ML applications and high-throughput data pipelines. 

Reddy Velagala 1

Reddy Velagala

Associate: Business Intelligence and Analytics

Reddy is a Microsoft certified solutions expert in business intelligence and data analytics. He is a masterful problem-solver with a knack for providing pragmatic solutions to complex data problems.

Simon Metcalfe 1

Simon Metcalfe

Associate: Marketing Analytics and Predictive Modelling

Simon is a highly accomplished analytics consultant and trainer with extensive experience in translating complex business problems into data-driven solutions.

Jone New

John Abe

Lead Advisor: Machine Learning and AI Solution

John is a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions expert, specialising in data model design, business intelligence and AI/Machine Learning applications. 

Simon Metcalfe 1

Simon Metcalfe

Senior Advisor: Marketing Analytics and Predictive Modelling

Simon is a highly accomplished analytics consultant and trainer with extensive experience in translating complex business problems into data-driven solutions.

Sheila Siu 1

Sheila Siu

Senior Advisor: Transformation and Change Management

Sheila is a transformation consultant and process architect, with a proven track record of driving strategic transformation and process improvement across multiple sectors.

Tunde Oloruntoba 1

Tunde Oloruntoba

Managing Director: Strategy and Analytics

Tunde is a strategy and analytics leader helping businesses to navigate the complexities of harnessing data and pricing intelligence to drive performance and profitable growth.

Alastair Harvey

Alastair Harvey

Lead Advisor: Analytics, Automation and AI Solutions

Alastair empowers organisations to unlock the value of their data assets through advanced analytics, automation and AI solutions. 

Danny Wootton 1

Danny Wootton

Lead Advisor: Digital Transformation and Data Strategy

Danny is an expert in digital transformation and data strategy. With years of experience in the tech industry, pushing innovation around technology, process and people mgt.


Tayo Korede Phd

Management Consultant

Tayo is an esteemed researcher and consultant, with extensive knowledge in incubating entrepreneurship and business management. 

Larry Zentner

Larry Zentner

Lead Advisor: Data Strategy and Innovation

Larry is a trusted advisor in data strategy and innovation advisory, boasting a successful portfolio of leading data focused GTM initiatives across a broad range of industries.
Ayan Updated

Ayan Osman

Client Success and Marketing

Ayan, a highly experienced Customer Success and Marketing Manager, has a background in both SaaS and CRM. 

Chuks Ndubueze 1

Chuks Ndubueze

Senior Advisor: Data Engineering and Cloud Solutions

Chuks is an experienced and AWS-certified data engineer and BI architect, boasting over 10 years of expertise in data architecture design, data warehousing and BI solutions. 

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